Etiquettes when using shared EV chargers in public spaces

Electric vehicles are great to own and operate. However, central to the ownership experience is charging. This is because, without a charged battery, your EV will not move from a spot! Most people charge their electric cars at home, but there may be times you need to use public chargers.

Since you will be sharing these public chargers with other users, it is essential to use them in a way that shows consideration for not only yourself. This manifests in EV charging behaviours, which this article goes into. Keep reading to learn about the proper etiquettes when using shared EV chargers in public spaces.


Do not park in a charging spot when you are not charging

This is one of the headaches EV owners commonly deal with. EV charging spots in Singapore are often located near busy places, and people looking for parking spots occupy these charging slots. Offenders in this regard include both EV drivers that do not need to charge and ICE drivers that cannot even use the charger. The result is that the charging point is rendered usable. Considering that there are not enough public points to start with, blocking out EV owners that need to charge is not nice.

Avoid unplugging other people’s vehicles

Many people try to engage in other activities while their cars charge, meaning they will not stick around. It would be insensitive and opportunistic to unplug a car simply because the owner is not there. Wait for your turn instead.

There could be reasonable exceptions to this rule, though. For example, if you are in an emergency and have a low battery, most EV owners will understand if you unplug their vehicle to charge your own.

Help other EV drivers through crowd-sourced data supported platforms

You will be helping out by updating the status of public chargers around you. For example, some apps and platforms allow EV users to mark charging points out of order. This helps prevent people from discovering a broken charger only after driving down to it.


When you are done charging, move on

Public chargers are still a premium in many places in Singapore. So staying put even after you have finished charging will prevent others from using them, causing unnecessary stress.


Be courteous while charging

Many public chargers in Singapore are located in residential areas. It is essential you act as you would like visitors to do in your neck of the woods. For instance, avoid playing music loudly while you charge not to disturb the neighbours. Similarly, do not litter the area.

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