3 common EV myths you should know about

One of the barriers to the broader adoption of electric vehicles in Singapore is misinformation. Due to EVs being relatively new, many people do not have the facts about them. The effect is that potential EV buyers conclude these cars cannot work for them and stick to their carbon-emitting ICE cars. It is essential that people know the truth about electric vehicles, and this is why we will bust some common EVs in this article.

EVs cannot handle my daily commute

This is not true because battery-powered vehicles come with adequate driving ranges for most Singaporean drivers. It is not likely that you drive up to 100 kilometres per day. However, virtually all new electric vehicles will easily handle it even if you do. The Tesla Model 3, for example, has a driving range of more than 400 kilometres. This means you can go for several days on a single charge. Even when you are on longer trips, all you need to do is plan your route so you are never too far from a public charger so that you can charge if necessary.



EVs are not safe

Although EVs sometimes appear in the news due to fire incidents, you are safer in an EV than in a petrol car. EV fires are not as frequent, but they are usually sensationalised. Thousands of ICEs go up in flames every day, but you don’t hear about them because they are not newsworthy. EV makers pay lots of attention to the battery and put in many safety mechanisms to protect you.



Finding a place to charge an EV is hard, making them difficult to own and operate

This is another EV myth. The truth is that most drivers do not even depend on public chargers because they charge at home, which is even more convenient than driving to the fuel station to buy fuel. Besides, as you have seen in this article, you do not need to charge your car every day, or you simply top up when you get back home.

However, if you want to enjoy charging at home, you need to install your own home charging station. The installation is best handled by professionals that will use their experience to choose the best charging equipment for you within your budget. They will also ensure you comply with all local codes.

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